Group Health Insurance Is Broken, So We’re Fixing It

High Performance Health Insurance Captives


Faced with volatile and ever-increasing group health care costs and only a limited number of options to choose from, most mid-sized employers either cut benefits, shift costs to employees, or pay up.

Everlong is a better way to purchase group health insurance.

Everlong is an exclusive, member-owned medical Captive that enables employers to offer the same level of group health benefits at the lowest cost possible AND improve the health of their employees.

Employers who are members of the Everlong Captive take the profits that health insurance carriers make and pay that money back to themselves with an innovative insurance and funding solution. Members also reduce long-term claims costs through sophisticated initiatives to improve employee health.

Same Level of Benefits

Lower Cost

Improved Employee Health

Captive Health Insurance Benefits

Lowest Cost Possible

Everlong Members participate in an innovative insurance and funding solution that takes the profits that health insurance carriers make on individual plans and pays that money back to them as owners of the Captive. The result is significantly lower insurance costs for the same level of benefits.

Improved Employee Health

Everlong works with members to move beyond standard “well being” programs and focus on sophisticated wellness and disease management, population health, and data analytics initiatives. The result is healthier, happier employees—and further reduced health care costs over the long-term.


The Captive is owned by its Members and managed by Everlong. As owners, employers have greater control over how their health plans are funded and transparency into everything from their own claims costs to Captive operations. Members retain the flexibility to choose how their health plans are structured as well as the vendors and service providers they work with.


Everlong is an exclusive Captive composed of employers with smart, forward-thinking broker-consultants who are willing to adopt a better way to control their health care costs and improve employee health. Members and their brokers gather twice a year for The Summit, a two-day event at a select location where they share experiences and explore the latest innovative practices and programs to improve employee health.

Captive Health Insurance Requirements

Everlong is an exclusive, Member-owned Captive that was founded in 2012. To be considered for membership, Employers must have 50 or more employees on their group health plan and be willing to utilize innovative solutions to control plan costs and improve employee health. We work only with select broker-consultants who embrace the captive concept and are willing to partner with us in bringing Everlong to their employer groups.

Everlong Captive

This was my first renewal with Everlong captive, and it was the easiest renewal I had! Thank you for the partnership.

Broker- Partner (1 year)

All great people, great to work with and so nice to get together once a year and share ideas with each other… it’s like a tight-knit community!

Broker- Partner (6 years)

Everlong is a GAMECHANGER. It’s exciting to get away from the hamster-wheel that we were on for decades and really manage our costs with the Everlong Captive.

Client (8 years)

Everlong goes out of their way to make it as easy as possible for busy owner representatives, like me. 

Client (4 years)

Everlong provides topnotch customer service with responsiveness and availability. I feel they put the best interests of my clients and myself first before anything else! Everlong is truly a great partner.

Broker-Partner (1 year)

Making a move from a fully-insured program to a self-funded captive model can be overwhelming for clients. Working with the Everlong team, I was very impressed with the level of detail and simplification they provided throughout the transition process.

Broker-Partner (1 year)