The one-year moratorium for fully-insured plans is set to expire in 2020, with a higher than ever ($16 billion) fee. It is expected that insurers will increase their premiums to cover this cost. The Everlong Group Medical Captive is a self-funded captive that is not at the mercy of the insurers and their ever-increasing premiums.

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New Analysis: How the ACA’s HIT Will Impact 2020 Premiums

Oliver Wyman Health

According to our analysis, the HIT will lead to a 2.2 percent increase in premiums in 2020 and in subsequent years.

The ACA’s HIT applies to all insurers offering fully insured coverage, including plans sold via the on-exchange and off-exchange individual market, large and small group markets, and any insured public programs, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid Managed Care.

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