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Case Study: Saving $15 Million Through Self-Funding in Everlong

HoldCo, a holding company with 184 employees on their fully-insured medical plan, was presented with a 23% renewal increase for 2010. Frustrated with their lack of options, and knowing that adding employees through planned acquisitions would only compound future...

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Specific Stop Loss: How It Works

Specific Stop Loss: How It Works

HOW IT WORKS Specific Stop Loss (or Individual Stop Loss): The Stop Loss Carrier and the Owner will agree to a threshold where once an individual member’s claims exceed that amount, the Stop Loss Carrier will assume responsibility for claims paid for services incurred...

Getting the Product Right Is More Than Innovation

Getting the Product Right Is More Than Innovation

Getting the product right builds trust between you and the consumer. But what exactly does it mean to get the product right? With varied industries throughout the United States, is the “right” product available in a one-size-fits-all solution? Perhaps not in the way...

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