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From Hamster Wheel to Game-changer

Innovative Solutions Can Turn Employer Health Care Benefits from a Frustrating Burden into a Competitive Advantage It’s the same old story, year after year after year. Employers are presented with significant increases for their health care plans. They think...

Drugmakers Worried About Losing Pricing Power

The Drug-making titans are up in arms about the proposals to reduce their pricing power, ultimately cutting into their sales by the billions. There has been an increased concern of the ever-rising drug prices, and action against it has started. With Everlong, you are...

New Analysis: How the ACA’s HIT Will Impact 2020 Premiums

The one-year moratorium for fully-insured plans is set to expire in 2020, with a higher than ever ($16 billion) fee. It is expected that insurers will increase their premiums to cover this cost. The Everlong Group Medical Captive is a self-funded captive that is not...

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