Risk On

Prior to 2020’s black swan (low probability/high impact) event of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent shutdown of the economy, your clients had the luxury of being in a position to care less about volatility and risk exposure and only about the end result.

Today, however, your clients face economic headwinds that loom on the horizon, coupled with myriad tail risks that cannot be fully quantified or accounted for. It’s clear that the “risk on” days have fallen out of fashion and are largely behind us.

Risk Off

Looking toward the path ahead, we find ourselves heading toward a “risk off” environment, where your clients are increasingly demanding stability today and for the foreseeable future.
Within the backdrop of this new normal, it is not a matter of whether your clients will be impacted, but rather, how much they will be impacted and how well you have positioned them for success.

Stability Is The New Performance

Here at Everlong, we’ve developed a purpose-built high performance health insurance captive that’s nimble enough to navigate the foggy path ahead while designed specifically to help your mid-size employer clients achieve industry-leading stability and performance during these uncertain times—without having to cut benefits, shift costs to employees, or pay up.


  • You need to have an ocean of employers to achieve stability.


  • Everlong’s five-year average stop loss increase is just 3.9%.
  • No risk of future lasers, with 100% transparency and maximum stability achieved.
  • We achieve high performance and stability with no more than 50 members per cell.

And, after taking return of premium into account, our members are experiencing -6% renewals. As a result, your efforts transition from knee-jerk marketing and putting out fires to consulting on plan design and claims reduction.

With volatility and risk exposure increasing for your clients, consider not only what percentage of your book should be held in a captive, but the performance and stability of that captive.

We are partnering with forward thinking brokers that are providing their clients stability today.

Have you positioned your clients on terra firma?