The Everlong Difference (Part 2):

Give Your Clients the Benefit of Two Years

What if your clients could have the luxury of time (up to two years) on their side? Time to participate in a purpose-built high performance health insurance captive. Time to stop shopping for stop-loss coverage. Time to mitigate the wild fluctuations in stop-loss premium. Time to keep the … profit.

We call it our Brand Promise Guarantee.

Aside from being acquired, dropping below 50 employees on the plan, or going out of business, if your client leaves the program in the first two years, we’ll refund you 100% of our fees.

Welcome to a better way to purchase group health insurance.

Our founders were innovative benefits brokers, just like you and have reimagined and redesigned employer-based healthcare by building high performance health insurance captives designed with your clients’ financial, operational, and employee health outcome needs in mind.

Here are some of the benefits your clients can expect:

  • Lowest cost possible
  • Improved employee health
  • Full access to Springbuk platform
  • Membership owned (full passthrough transparency)

In addition to maximum transparency, we also maximize stability in the stop-loss premium.

Our 5-year average stop loss increase was only 3.9%. It’s likely your clients are experiencing the industry stop-loss trend that’s 4x-6x times higher.

As the industry evolves, consider what percentage of your book should be held in a captive.

It’s time to take action.

It’s time to bring your clients to Everlong and maximize their satisfaction.

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