The Everlong Difference (Part 1):

Group Health Insurance Is Broken and We’re Fixing It

The current system is broken. Traditional compensation models have misaligned incentives built in.

Consider for a moment how stop-loss insurance actually functions. The reality is stop-loss carriers are working for the benefit of their shareholders. Hospitals, carriers, and sub-par brokers are conflicted because they all gain when prices go up (which they have for the past two decades). You lose.

Hospital corporations and healthcare services companies have been steadily increasing prices … because they can. What if there was a better way to purchase group health insurance?

There is a better way.

Our founders were innovative benefits brokers, just like you.  They developed a truly independent and ethical solution by reimagining how employer-based healthcare gets done – for you, your clients, and even us.

By participating in our high performance health insurance captives your clients can expect:

  • No overrides of any kind from any carrier or vendor (our members come first)
  • Your clients receive their money immediately at the close of the year
  • Membership owned (full passthrough transparency)

And our incentives are fully aligned with you and your clients. We use a fee-based PEPM compensation model, which means we win when your client grows, not when their premium increases.

It’s time to stop shoveling money at the fully insured stop-loss carriers and instead pay as little as possible and keep the profits of what you do pay. Turn back the tide of ever-increasing medical insurance costs caused by lack of control and transparency.

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