Healthcare company specializing in rehabilitation and skilled nursing with more than 100 beds and 30 years serving their community. Additional services include adult daycare, respite, dementia, palliative, and hospice care.


Prior to joining Everlong’s high performance health insurance captive model, this nursing care and rehabilitation company faced unsustainable long-term healthcare costs. The solutions they’d considered never met two critical needs: maintaining or increasing the quality of the plan while controlling costs year-over-year long term.


Everlong presented an approach that enabled them to provide a benefits package that exceeded the industry standard without having to reallocate funds; thus controlling costs.

  • 5-year average stop loss increase is just 3.1%
  • No risk of future lasers & 100% transparency
  • Premiums include organ transplant coverage
  • Premium return included -6% trendline

We make transferring simple. A majority of those that join come from traditional self-funding.

This self-funded company significantly reduced their PEPY exposure, with recent year dividend exceeding $49K and $166K total since joining Everlong. See the next page for more client-specific claim reduction efforts and results.



Our founders were innovative benefits brokers, just like you. They developed a truly independent and ethical solution by reimagining how employer-based healthcare gets done – for you, your clients, and even us.

By participating in our high performance health insurance captives your clients can expect:

  • No overrides of any kind from any carrier or vendor (our members come first)
  • Your clients receive their money immediately at the close of the year
  • Membership owned (full passthrough transparency)

And our incentives are fully aligned with you and your clients. We use a fee-based PEPM compensation model, which means we win when your client grows, not when their premium increases. It’s time to stop shoveling money at the fully insured stop-loss carriers and instead pay as little as possible and keep the profits of what you do pay. Turn back the tide of ever-increasing medical insurance costs caused by a lack of control and transparency.


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