High performance captive stability with 100% transparency 

Not all “stability” is equal. Our average stop loss since inception remains single digits. Provide your clients with a better way to purchase group health insurance today.  

We’re different where it matters

We reimagined and redesigned employer-based healthcare by building high performance health insurance captives that break with tradition.

Exclusive Membership

Rate caps aren’t necessary when you only work with forward-thinking employers that believe in proactive claims management.

Organ Transplant

Many of our premiums include OT coverage because there’s a 58% chance for a 200-life group to incur an OT within in 5 years.

We achieve high performance and stability with no more than 50 owner-employers per cell

Are you working with an independent, non-private equity owned captive manager that works with multiple fronting carriers, or are you working directly with fronting carriers masquerading as a captive program manager? Or just fronting with?

See you at the top

Not only do you get to attend the Owner meeting with your clients, our high-performing broker partners go on our annual Broker Summit as a reward and professional development opportunity (in great locations like Marco Island and Park City).


Our Sales team works with you to help fast track onboarding and renewals. Partnered with us you’ll leap ahead of the pack with your clients.


We link you with the best people at Everlong based on your specific needs.


We help you explain our Captive to your clients in a simple and clear way


We will run the numbers with you and help analyze the cost savings and ROI.


Your client will either join or you will have protected your relationship if another broker brought a captive health insurance solution.


Our Owner Experience team works with you and your clients to continuously elevate what’s possible. For us, the work never stops.

Case Study

Multi-generation family owned automotive company saves $2.3 million through self-funding in Everlong’s high performance health insurance captive.

Everlong Edge Podcast

Are you ready for the edge? Navigate the captive industry and find a better way to purchase group health insurance.

Captive Insights For Brokers

The insurance industry is at a tipping point. The next 3-5 years will see the largest self-funding shift in history. How are you positioning your clients to cross the chasm of innovation?

The captive layer made better

We’re all fighting a war against increasing medical costs.  We take the current captive model used in the business liability world, modify its structure and improve its performance, enabling us to turn back the tide of ever-increasing medical insurance costs caused by lack of control and transparency.