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Every So Often, We Leap Ahead

The story behind how we named and founded our first cell in 2010.

In 1415, at the Battle of Agincourt, King Henry V of England defeated a much larger French force using what was, at the time, a huge leap in combat technology:  the longbow.  Using existing bow technology, modifying its structure, and improving its performance, the longbow enabled his army to dismantle their opponent from long range and at a descending angle not seen in combat before that time.  It was the dawning of a new era in warfare.

Welcome to the Longbow Employee Benefit Captive.

We’re all fighting a war against increasing medical costs.  At Everlong, we take the current captive model used in the business liability world, modify its structure and improve its performance, enabling us to turn back the tide of ever-increasing medical insurance costs caused by lack of control and transparency.

Welcome to the new era in the battle against medical cost increases.

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