High Performance Health Insurance Captives

High performers

belong together

With our captive cells limited to 50 owner groups, you get to join like-minded employers creating the “Goldilocks Zone” that provides stabilizing economies of scale with the social dynamic benefit of owner-member shared learning, problem-solving, and collaboration. You deserve more from your insurance.

Better Costs

Only pay for claims incurred and premium used, which means significant savings in good claims years over staying fully insured or traditionally self-funded

Better Insights

Receive highly actionable data on the claims you pay, which helps you focus on the right trends and issues

Better Rewards

Instead of passing profits to stop-loss carriers or fully-insured carriers, the groups retain those excess dollars


Healthier, happier employees with lower insurance costs

We partner with employers to move beyond standard “well being” programs and focus on innovative and data-driven wellness, and population health initiatives.

Positive Peer Pressure

Use Positive Peer Pressure

We’ve all heard that peer pressure is “bad” and although that’s arguably true, there is new research that indicates how positive peer pressure creates a social advantage. And within the field of behavioral economics, human behavior is explained as being shaped by certain influences like social pressure.

Invest More In What Works, Divest From The Rest

Invest In What Works

In today’s economy, the allocation of resources provides little margin for error. It’s no longer sufficient to invest in what’s working today, you must also be able leverage analytical insights to successfully navigate what’s working tomorrow and just as importantly, what’s not working and should be divested from.

Every So Often, We Leap Ahead

We’re all fighting a war against increasing medical costs. At Everlong, we take the current captive model used in the business liability world, modify its structure and improve its performance, enabling us to turn back the tide of ever-increasing medical insurance costs caused by lack of control and transparency.



Leverage + Stability = Premium Return

Not all “stability” is equal. Our average stop loss since inception remains single digits. Provide your clients with a better way to purchase group health insurance today.

Operational Differences That Yield Results

Is your program manager focused on just the stop loss financials and ignoring claims management? All our captive owner-members are encouraged and supported to improve their claims situations.

Full Passthrough Transparency

Is your captive manager not talking to you about dividends because they are giving your dividends to other employers that don’t manage their claims? All of our owners know 100% what’s going on.

Independent, Unconflicted, Ethical Solution

Are you working with an independent, non-private equity owned captive manager that works with multiple fronting carriers, or are you working directly with fronting carriers masquerading as a captive program manager? 

Fee-Based PEPM, Not Premium Profiting

Is your program manager managing your risk or are they managing their compensation? Traditional compensation models have misaligned incentives built-in (compensation as a percentage of increasing premiums). Different motivations yield different results.

What Protection For Everybody Should Look Like

There is a 58% chance a 200-life group will incur a very expensive organ transplant claim within 5 years. That’s why many of our captive owner-members carry organ transplant coverage. Do you have that same opportunity?


Solid Foundations Every Step of the Way

Here at Everlong, we’ve developed a purpose-built high performance health insurance captive model that’s nimble enough to navigate the foggy path ahead while designed specifically to help mid-size employers achieve industry-leading stability and performance during these uncertain times—without having to cut benefits, shift costs to employees, or pay more. 

Everlong LEAP ™

Fast track your success. Take the leap with the employers already in. Learn, share, improve.

Everlong ELEVATE ™

Our Owner Experience team works with you to continuously elevate what’s possible. Our work never stops.

Everlong ENGAGE ™

Timely emails designed to increase engagement and provide ongoing education within your high performance health insurance captive cell.

What They’re Saying

“In order to adapt to the changing needs of organizations, Everlong has invested in top-notch talent and cutting-edge technology. They take nothing for granted and will always work in the best interest of our clients.“

Steve C.

Broker Partner

“Everlong continues to impress our team and our members with their full transparency and strategic recommendations, so the captive members (the actual owners) are in control, yet have someone else doing the heavy lifting for them.”

Kyle R.

Broker Partner


Resources & Thought Leadership

Specific Stop Loss: How It Works

Specific Stop Loss: How It Works

HOW IT WORKS Specific Stop Loss (or Individual Stop Loss): The Stop Loss Carrier and the Owner will agree to a threshold where once an individual member’s claims exceed that amount, the Stop Loss Carrier will assume responsibility for claims paid for services incurred...

Getting the Product Right Is More Than Innovation

Getting the Product Right Is More Than Innovation

Getting the product right builds trust between you and the consumer. But what exactly does it mean to get the product right? With varied industries throughout the United States, is the “right” product available in a one-size-fits-all solution? Perhaps not in the way...


Don’t get left behind, stuck with the same unremarkable status quo. Realize your full potential. 

Our purpose-built high performance health insurance captives are leading the way for employers to purchase group health insurance, control plan costs, and improve employee health through innovation solutions.